Dangerous Goods

Leading provider of expedited and specialized cargo transportation solutions

Heightened security and constantly changing regulations make shipping dangerous goods more difficult than ever. These specialized packages are expensive and usually critical in nature. When you have a transportation need that’s out of the ordinary, you need an extraordinary carrier.

AirNet II, LLC specializes in handling dangerous goods and employs experts in the field to oversee training and compliance of its pilots and ground handlers. With more than 40 years’ experience of handling dangerous goods, AirNet II is a premier provider of expedited and specialized transportation solutions in all nine classes of dangerous goods.

Download Datasheet AirNet II Dangerous Goods

explosivesCLASS 1Explosives 1.4S only (All other explosives are forbidden)
flammable_gasDIVISION 2.1Flammable Gases
non-flammable_gasDIVISION 2.2Non-Flammable Gases
flammable_liquidsCLASS 3Flammable Liquids
flammable-solidDIVISION 4.1Flammable Solids
flammable-solidDIVISION 4.2Spontaneously Combustible
flammable-solidDIVISION 4.3Dangerous When Wet
organic-peroxideDIVISION 5.2Organic Peroxides
infectious_substanceDIVISION 6.1Toxic/Poison Substances
infectious_substanceDIVISION 6.2Infectious Substances Affecting Humans or Animals
radioactiveCLASS 7Radioactive Materials
corrosiveCLASS 8Corrosives
corrosiveCLASS 9Miscellaneous


For the shipping of dangerous goods, we offer unparalleled capabilities, uncompromising professionalism, and comprehensive attention to detail.


AirNet II holds party status to DOT SP-15227. This special permit allows us to carry a greater ratio of radioactive materials, such as radiopharmaceuticals, per plane than most other carriers. We are especially equipped to meet the critical shipping needs of the radiopharmaceutical industry.