• Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-engine and Instrument rating without limitations
  • ATP Certificate
  • Must pass FAA mandated drug screen
  • Must have 20/20 correctable vision
  • Recency and type of experience is considered
  • Meet requirements for and currently hold First Class Medical certification
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university
  • Eligibility for rapid visa issuance, issued by offices in the United States to fly to any AirNet destination.
  • Candidates for jobs involving handling or access to U.S. mail cannot be considered for employment if they have resided outside the U.S., Guam or Puerto Rico for more than (6) six months during the last (5) years prior to today’s date, other than the following verifiable exceptions: active duty in the U.S. Uniformed Service; trailing spouse or dependent of someone working for the U.S. government (military or civilian); missionary; student attending school in a foreign country; Peace Corps participant; employee of a U.S. based employer/company or other extraordinary circumstances.
  • Eligibility for issuance of US Security Clearance
  • 1500 hours total fixed-wing time as pilot-in-command (PIC) or second-in-command in multi-engine turbo-prop A/C or jet A/C or combination thereof (GTOW 12,500). A minimum of 1000 hours total fixed-wing pilot-in-command in multi-engine turbo prop A/C or jet A/C or combination thereof (GTOW 12,500 or greater) is preferred. Note: PIC for this purpose is defined as Captain/Aircraft Commander of record, not simply the sole manipulator of the controls. Note: AirNet II considers only pilot time in fixed wing aircraft toward minimum qualifications. This does not include simulator, helicopter, flight engineer, bombardier, navigator, RIO, EWO, WSO, NFO, or Special Crew.
  • All certificates and ratings required to be U.S.A. FAA issued


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