Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What types of aircraft does AirNet II operate?

Learjet 35
Speed: 500 mph
Range: 1,800 miles
Payload: 3,500 pounds

Beechcraft Baron
Speed: 200 mph
Range: 750 miles
Payload: 1,000 pounds

Speed: 450 mph
Range: 1,450 miles
Payload: 6,500 pounds
Cubic Feet: 490

Q: Can I ride along on a run to experience the type of flying AirNet II does?

Not at this time.

Q: Does AirNet II hire part-time pilots?

Not at this time.

Q: Can I commute to a domicile?

Commuting is not recommended.

Q: What does the Initial Pilot Training Program (IPTP) consist of?

Initial pilot training is conducted in Columbus, Ohio. Training is scheduled for up to three weeks and consists of ground school and final exam, simulator training, aircraft training (typically conducted in a BE-58), and a final flight test. Once pilots are awarded a base, line training is completed on the actual run. AirNet II provides fully furnished housing including utensils, weekly cleaning, towels/linens. Basically, pilots need only bring their clothes and flight training gear. Dress is casual.

Q: What can I do to prepare for the interview?

Preparation: The Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards Booklet and the Instrument Flying Handbook are excellent guides for success in the interview AND for training.


Interview applicants should have a thorough understanding of the following:

  • FARs & AIM information (FARs 61 and 91)
  • Aerodynamics (multi-engine procedures, V-speeds)
  • Instrument approach plates and charts (we use NOS apch. plates
  • Weather
  • Weather reports and forecasts
  • Be familiar with a light twin aircraft and systems
Q: How can pilots enhance the likelihood they will get an interview and a job offer?

To get the interview: Fill out the online application neatly, completely and honestly
To get the job offer: Be honest. Have a true desire to be a part of our pilot team.

Q: Does AirNet II require pay for training?


Q: What is the biggest disqualifier among applicants?

Online application process: Incomplete and/or inaccurate application. Interview process: Be yourself


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